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RIP Chris Toll

from Vol. 3 of Artichoke Haircut

This Is How We Make a Broken Heart

By Chris Toll

Approximately 13.7 billion years ago,

an antimatter scientist

drops an antimatter test tube.
In the summer of 1966,
Bob Dylan leans
as he steers his motorcycle
into a curve.
Beneath a lilac bush,
the FBI sniper takes aim.
Behind the tinted glass of a limousine,
the imposter memorizes the lyrics
filed in a loose-leaf binder.
My poem comes from far away
and it’s going far away –
I’m just in the middle
like a lonesome TV station
with no employees.
The Angel of Death
has a black leather trench coat
draped around her shoulders.
She steps out of an elevator
and pulls her suitcase behind her.
Two accordion folders full of legal briefs
balance on top of the suitcase.
Her black wool sport coat
lies across the uppermost accordion folder.
The sport coat falls off and hits the floor.
Side effects include unusual dreams.
When I stand up from my dead body,
my face is a howl of stars.

Chris Toll was a Baltimore poet and collage-maker. He published The Disinformation Phase through Adam Robinson’s Publishing Genius and I’ll Be The Invisible Girl Til The Day I Die through Chapbook Genius, which you could read in full if you click on the link in the title.  His poems are led by futuristic wonderings, but there is a humanity present still, sometimes only barely.  There were some video trailers that came out with The Disinformation Phase—I liked this one the best, Why Is Try In Poetry?
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